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Regal Press

Around Tasmania tourists are picking up brochures made by Regal Press! Throughout Australia people are reading books printed by Regal Press! All over the world people are making their own craft cards from cards and accessories produced by Regal Press! Since being established in 1962, we have expanded our range of services throughout Tasmania and into the world market. We offer a high quality printing service within Tasmania, making a significant contribution to the tourist industry through our high quality brochures, carton manufacturing for the packaging needs of a vast range of clients and we also operate a craft manufacturing worldwide mail order business.


Regal Craft Cards DEMO DAYS

2010 Demonstration Dates

February Wednesday 17th 10am-3pm
March Monday 22nd 10am-3pm
April Tuesday 13th 10am-3pm
May Thursday 20th 10am-3pm
June Friday 18th 10am-3pm
July Wednesday 21st 10am-3pm
August Tuesday 17th 10am-3pm
September Monday 27th 10am-3pm
October Thursday 21st 10am-3pm
November Friday 26th 10am-3pm

Regal Craft Online Demo

Would you like to know how one of our cards are made?

Curious how a Cuttlebug or Cricut machine works?

Check out our online video demonstrations.