Around Tasmania tourists are picking up brochures made by Regal Press! Throughout Australia people are reading books printed by Regal Press! All over the world people are making their own craft cards from cards and accessories produced by Regal Press!

Since being established in 1962, we have expanded our range of services throughout Tasmania and into the world market. We offer a high quality printing service within Tasmania, making a significant contribution to the tourist industry through our high quality brochures, carton manufacturing for the packaging needs of a vast range of clients and we also operate a craft manufacturing worldwide mail order business.

Specialising in hot foil stamping, embossing and die cutting has enabled us to produce quality products for the higher end of the market as well as for general commercial printing.

In 1975, a marketing company was started to market postcards for the tourist industry and later, exclusive souvenir items were added to the range.

From 1976, a series of expansions began to increase the potential of this arm of Regal Press. We began to produce soaps, perfumes and aftershave lotions for the souvenir markets. Further developments saw us expand into a whole range of lavender products which are still continually being added to.

In the late 1970's, Regal Press formed another marketing company to publish and distribute books Australia-wide. More than 100 titles, all written by Tasmanian authors, are currently available.

In 1986, we relocated to our current premises at 24 Wellington St, which is still used for all of our manufacturing and printing purposes.

In the early 1990's, a small shop was opened at the front of the factory marketing an assortment of beautiful papers and various plain craft cards for people to decorate and make into their own greeting cards. From this point the craft manufacturing business grew rapidly into a worldwide mail order business.

Regal Press has always used top-of-the-range Heidelberg equipment to enable us to produce a product capable of competing on the world market. Printing is not just putting ink on paper - it is a process of skills and precision to create a physical representation of our clients' thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

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